Private real estate investment for today’s investors. Contact us to discuss passive real estate investing.
Private real estate investment for today’s investors.
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How To Get Started With SDIRA Investing


Self-directed IRAs give investors great control over their retirement funds and investing decisions. These plans can use alternative investments like real estate and private equity to create diversity and build retirement wealth.

A self-directed IRA functions like a traditional or Roth IRA, which means it allows you to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis and has the same IRA contribution limits. The difference between self-directed and other IRAs is to access alternative investing options outside stocks and bonds to open a new world of high-yielding returns.

Key Points in Comparing Self-Directed IRAs to conventional IRAs:

  • Self-directed IRA investments are not limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

  • Self-directed IRAs can invest in a large pool of alternative assets not available in brokerage IRA accounts.

  • Access to higher performing returns.

Should You Self-Direct Your IRA or 401K?

➜ Additional Investment Capital: Think of being ready to be a part of that next deal because you have the personal funds to invest, using your retirement plan funds to invest in different assets and earn tax-sheltered income to support your retirement.

➜ Retirement Funds and Control of Decisions: Self-direction allows you to be an active investor. You have investments personally aligned to know and understand with a professional channel to increase your odds of success.

Alternative Investing to Create Much Needed Diversit

How to Get Started: A couple of Ways

Option One

  • Open a new self-directed IRA using a custodian for your account to streamline asset allocation and management

  • Roll existing funds into your new retirement account

  • Align SDIRA assets to funds and alternative investments

  • Start investing

Option Two

  • Form a new LLC that the new IRA owns (that has a specially drafted compliant operating agreement)

  • Move all IRA funds into your LLC’s bank account via IRA custodian

  • Issue LLC membership interest certificate to your IRA

  • Start investing through the LLC to access alternative investments

Tax-free or tax-deferred growth: Income generated by investing through Self-Directed IRA options, including capital gains, flows into your IRA on a tax-sheltered basis. This income allows you to build more – faster alternative assets to reinvest.

Got Questions?

Even sophisticated investors have questions. The structure and process can create confusion with the apprehension of investing your 401k or IRA.

Transparency and the ability to keep track of alternative investments are paramount to the success of the performance of your assets. Your concerns can be quickly relieved by knowing that a Real Estate Investment private equity fund is well-managed.

This service includes having an Accredited Investor process matched with a certified custodian to ensure your IRA is managed professionally. Feeling comfortable and investing with ease is essential for SDIRA related providers.

They work to become your trusted SDIRA funds manager leveraging qualified expert advisers to walk you through the process while enhancing the interaction you require. Such personalized attention focuses on aligning your investment interests to best compliment your portfolio.

For more information, check out our How It Works page to get a sense of the basic steps of using a Self-Directed IRA. You can also contact Veloce Capital at 201.768.6300.

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